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No preservatives or artificial ingredients, just natural, nurturing beard care 


High-quality essential oils and beeswax from right here in North Texas


Every batch is measured, mixed,
bottled and labeled by hand



The Bearded Brethren is a company I started based on the values of Brotherhood and the love of growing a Beard. Having a Beard is more than just a fashion statement, it's a part of who you are. We have all experienced that familiar bond when acknowledging your fellow Beardsman - you give a wave, you tip your hat or you say hello and exchange compliments. There is a sense of Brotherhood when in the company of another Beardsman.

Based out of Denton, Texas, I have spent the last three years honing my craft and making every single one of my products from scratch, by hand. Each bottle of Oil and each tin of Balm and Wax are carefully measured to perfection with 100% natural ingredients from the Carrier Oils, to the Essential Oils. My Beard Balms and Mustache Wax both use all natural Beeswax produced at a local Bee Farm in North Texas. My dream is to share my passion for Beards and creating fine grooming products with my fellow Bearded Brethren.

- Andrew Boswell
Founder, TBB



Look and Feel Your Best


Have you already embarked on your journey to the bearded life? Well, look no further. This is your first stop on the path to greatness. With a beard, you're already a part of such a huge community, but with The Bearded Brethren, you're a part of a family. Here, you can pick up some of the essentials to keep your beard looking fresh and smelling great!

I've developed two seasonal collections that will keep your beard happy all year long. Whether you prefer a splash of citrus or a cooling mint, your whiskers will thank you.


A splash of citrus to beat the heat


Infused with the scent of Grapefruit, Tangerine and Lime, The Islander is a beach paradise for your beard, and will make you feel like you're on your own personal vacation. What hula-dancing honeybees would smell like.

Available as 1 ounce beard oil, 2 ounce balm, and 1 ounce mustache wax.


Stay cool from coast to coast 


Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Patchouli Oils refresh your beard, pulling you into a trek through a wintry forest. Refreshing, invigorating and moisturizing, Frostwood brings out your inner Alaskan lumberjack.

Available as 1 ounce beard oil, 2 ounce balm, and 1 ounce mustache wax.


How to STEP UP Your Beard Game in Just 4 Steps!

If you have one of those scruffy beards, you may be feeling a little self-conscious. You may be even wondering how all these Instagrammers get their beards to look so perfect in that 1:1 ratio. You can grow the beard, but now you have to do the upkeep.

CLICK HERE to STEP UP your Beard Game!

We come from all walks of life


We're blue collar, white collar and no collar. We drive race cars and family sedans. We're artistic and analytical. We may all be different, but our beards connect us.

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